Dr. Ingrid Pyka, DVM, Cert-VMI

Having held the roles herself, Dr. Ingrid Pyka appreciates the complex perspectives of business owner, medical/hospital director, and the team member. After she earned her veterinary degree from Colorado State University, Ingrid was compelled to learn more and continued studies in finance and management at Purdue University. 


Ingrid’s veterinary passion now focuses on helping general, emergency and specialty practices and their teams build and maintain the high quality and compassionate patient care they signed up for. Dr. Pyka spent four years in the non-profit sector directing one of the largest non-profit veterinary hospitals in the nation, turning them from struggling to thriving with over $100K in improved operations. She also spent three years in the corporate world leading an emergency/specialty practice to grew to #1 in her region for both growth and profit gains. Teams welcome Ingrid as she creates interactive and safe environments for the practice, its team-members, and, the patients and pet owners. Her clients range from start-up to stressed practices, all the way to practice sale preparations as owners transition into retirement.


Ingrid is a two-time TEDx speaker, a multi-award winning author for her business & personal growth techniques, and, she has been named one of the top business consultants in Denver for two years running. She still enjoys practicing general and emergency medicine as a relief doctor. Ingrid is a proud mother of two grown daughters, loves exploring the mountains, and, shares a special passion for ballroom dancing. 

Stephen is a proud husband of a veterinarian and a servant to the community he lives in. He is the first in his family to go to college. Growing up, he watched his parents live paycheck-to-paycheck. Money management was not something he learned at the dinner table or in high school. He knew he wanted to carve a different path for his family. After graduating from Colorado State University, he started his career in banking and then progressed into the insurance field running an agency in Greeley, CO. Stephen has more than 10 years of experience working in the financial services industry.

In 2010 he started his own financial services business while his wife was attending vet school at CSU. During this time, he experienced the challenges new grads face coming out of vet school having to balance the student loan burden while trying to start a new family. As his family grew and their careers grew, Stephen knew he wanted to share his talents, knowledge and experience with the veterinary field that has given so much to him and his wife over the years. 

"I hope that I can help others in this proud profession experience the same quality of life and balance that we have experienced in our careers."

- Stephen Patterson

Stephen F. Patterson, CLU ChFC